Federal Reserve Outlines What Community Bankers Should Know about Virtual Currencies

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Wallace Young, director of The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, published an advisory outlining the potential challenges for community banks when working with bitcoin firms and consumers. Providing banking services to these entities presents some unique risks and challenges Due to continued growth of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, Director Young emphasizes that “opportunities […]

Bitcoin is Good for the Financial Sector

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In a recent article in the New York Times, Michael Beckerman, President and Chief Executive of the Internet Association, outlines the benefits of allowing Bitcoin to flourish. He points our that “after the financial crisis, the prevailing wisdom was that most financial innovations, like derivatives, were dangerous.” However, “Bitcoin has proved to be a financial […]

Leading Banks Join Forces to Explore Blockchain Technology

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On September 29, thirteen of the “world’s leading banks joined a project to explore the possibilities behind using [blockchain technology] in the mainstream financial world” according to an article posted on CNBC’s website.   The blockchain is the protocol upon which the digital currency Bitcoin is based.  In simple terms the blockchain can be considered […]